Innovative design and marine engineering solutions for minimizing your boat’s carbon footprint.

For decades, the various systems on commercial and cruising vessels have been designed with the belief that energy on a boat can be limitless, as long as one has a large propulsion engine and one or more generators.

It will be a long time before this mindset shifts, but we recognize that a certain percentage of boaters are interested in exploring a different paradigm. What would it be like if my boat was designed to be ultra efficient? Even if driven with a conventional diesel, what if I didn’t need a genset. Or if I’m contemplating electric hybrid drive, how could I modify existing systems to match the same principle: quiet, efficient, as low a carbon footprint as possible?

We understand that this kind of boater is still far and few between, but if this profile fits you, we would love to talk with you. Our passion is keeping up with the newest and best technologies for saving energy. Whether its the newest solar panels and controllers or marine heat pumps for heating or cooling, or switching from hydraulic to three-phase motors to drive accessories.

Once your mind makes the shift, and you begin dreaming about the ultra efficient boat, it’s a habit that is hard to break.

In coming articles, we’ll share some of our projects and ideas. Please contact us if you have a favorite project in mind.