And single-handed home by its first owner. Currently, the vessel is used for frequent voyages up the Inside Passage. Her owners wanted a cold-weather boat which could remain on the hook in remote locations for days on end without having the noise or pollution of a generator. The solution is a combination of solar power, twin 200amp large frame alternators on the 85hp John Deere propulsion engine, and a 920 usable amp hour Revision Marine ESM 12-920 LIFEPO house battery. During sunny days, the solar output keeps up with all charging needs, given the remarkable efficiency of the lithium batteries. Over night, even with aggressive utilization of systems, the boat uses less than a quarter of the battery’s capacity, which can easily be 100% replenished in less that less than two hours of cruising.

At some point her John Deere engine will reach its end of reliable life span. Revision Marine has designed a 150 KW Hybrid Electric propulsion system and after installation it will provide the Seducktress a clean and reliable 21st century propulsion system propelling both this yacht and her owner into the future.

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Weight Full Fuel/Water
Theoretical Hull Speed
Average Motoring Speed
Average Fuel Burn
Fuel Capacity
Range At Cruise Speed
Engine Charging Capacity (Throttled 20%)
House Battery
At Rest Battery Autonomy, Cloud Cover
Solar Panels
Average Solar Output In Direct Sun
Solar Charging
44 Feet
41.9 Feet
25 Tons
73,000 Pounds
14.6 Feet
8.7 Knots
6.7 Knots
2.1 Gal/Hr
1400 Gal
4400 Nautical Miles
85Hp Diesel
320 Amps 12V
Revision Marine Esm 12-920, 12 Volt 920 Usable A/Hr Lifepo4
3.5 Days
1.7 Kw
45-50 Amps 12V
Outback 2 Kw
Outback 2 Kw
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